About us

CELLOMET is a contract research organization funded by institutional partners (Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, ADERA, Université de Bordeaux).

CELLOMET is a technology platform and a consulting office which provides expert services in metabolic sciences for various types of clients from academia to industry.

CELLOMET team members have recognized experience in metabolic research.

Our lab

CELLOMET's laboratory at the University of Bordeaux, dept. INSERM U1211


Cancéropôle GSO


Metabolic Profiling Inc
Polyphenols Biotech

Leadership team

CELLOMET staff members are recognized expert in the study of energy metabolism in physiology and pathology.

Rodrigue Rossignol

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer (Co-founder)


Dr. Rossignol is a biochemist (PHD) with expertise in energy metabolism and mitochondrial sciences in physiology and pathology, with a particular emphasis on neurodegenerative disorders, rare diseases and cancer. He works as an INSERM Director (French National Institute for Medical Science and Research) in the Laboratory of Rare Diseases, Metabolism and Genetics (MRGM) at Bordeaux University. Dr. Rossignol published more than 80 articles in the field of energy metabolism and co-chaired the International Society of Mitochondrial Physiology. He is editor of the "organelle in focus" section in the International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology and serves as editorial board member for Mitochondrion (Elsevier), ISRN Oxidative Medicine (Hindawi) and World Journal of Hepatology. The expertise of Dr Rossignol is used to develop Bioenergetic Modulation Therapies with the pharmaceutical industry, diagnosis assays, and biomarker panels.

Émilie Obre

Chief Operating Officer


Dr Émilie OBRE holds a PHD in bioenergetics and cell biology from the University of Bordeaux, France. She has great expertise in bioenergetics and metabolic remodeling in cancer. During her PHD, Dr. Obre developed proteomic methods to decipher the complexity of metabolic pathways rewiring in cancer cells. She identified novel regulators of energy metabolism. This basic knowledge in bioenergetics was used to perform contract research services with the pharma industry, to unravel the mode of action of metabolic drugs. Émilie presented her work at international meeting, and organized international conferences. She trained several university and hospital staff members to metabolic investigations in vitro and ex vivo. Recently, she was trained in marketing and management at the University of Bordeaux and occupied positions in health institutions and financial services.

Benjamin Faustin

Chief Technology Officer (Co-founder)


Dr. Faustin is a biochemical/cell biologist who obtained his PHD in Bioenergetics from the University of Bordeaux and currently works as Principal Investigator in the Immunology laboratory CNRS UMR CIRID 5164. He developed a dual experience in discovery biology in both academia and industry, and published in top-ranked peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Faustin is expert in Immunometabolism with applications in cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. After being a posdoctoral fellow in John C Reed laboratory between 2004-2009 (Sandford-Burnham Prebys Medical Research Institute, La Jolla CA USA), Dr. Faustin held several positions in industry in Discovery biology by leading a research team at GlaxoSmithKline (Philadelphia, USA). He also led product development at a French-based CRO company to develop R&D programs and cell-based assay development of disease-oriented models for preclinical drug development.

Scientific advisory board

Roderick Capaldi


Dr Capaldi is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Oregon,and was the Founder and CSO of MitoSciences. He has published over 250 papers on mitochondria including their role in cancer, mitochondrial genetic diseases, ALS, Parkinsons disease, and is on the Scientific Board of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.

Didier Lacombe


Didier Lacombe, MGRM laboratory director, Head of Genetics Department of the University Hospital of Bordeaux, Professor of Medical Genetics ‘exceptional class’, Coordinator of Reference Center "development abnormalities and malformation syndromes" and co-coordinator of mitochondrial Diseases Reference Centre (CARAMMEL Coordinator: A. Munnich, Necker). Involved for 25 years in the field of rare diseases, he published 300 publications and actively worked on the implementation of the National Plan for Rare Diseases 1 at the Ministry of Health. He participated in several clinical trials for therapeutic purposes in the field of rare diseases and coordinates a therapeutic trial in Rubinstein Taybi-Syndrome. He was President of the National College of Medical Genetics Teachers and Practitioners and President of the Section 47 and sub-section 47.04 of the CNU, and chairs the French Federation of Human Genetics. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine.